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PT. Kurnia Mitra Makmur Purwakarta

"Bersama Mitra Membangun Bangsa"

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Fishery processing industry is the business of processing fishery products after the capture and cultivation process to increase added value to fishery products. This industry functions to maintain the quality of fish which is perishable food. PT. Kurnia Mitra Makmur Purwakarta is a fish processing company that applies a Zero Waste system. We always use solid and liquid waste products. The application of global industry standards in our processing system can produce superior, innovative products. We provide the main product, namely Pangasius fillets, along with the development of the company, we produce processed freshwater and marine fish ranging from Whole, portion, marinated, to value added products. We always respond to customer requests and complaints well.


PT. Kurnia Mitra Makmur Purwakarta has a motto, namely "Together with Partners to Build the Nation" and a vision that is "To become a domestic company that can contribute to public welfare & health"


  • Producing quality fishery products but affordable for all people
  • Moving the economy of the surrounding community with mutually beneficial cooperation
  • Providing a means of processing fishery waste that is safe and beneficial to the environment & society


PT. Kurnia Mitra Makmur Purwakarta was founded by Mr. Sudiarso and Mrs. Hartanti Suwarna who registered on April 12, 2017, located at Jalan Cinta Karya No. 172 Cikopo Bungursari Village, Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia 41181. PT. Kurnia Mitra Makmur Purwakarta is a new form of business entity from the previous business entity, namely CV. Karunia Mitra Makmur which was established on August 29, 2013.


We always maintain safety product
Andrew Orange

Metal Detector

Personal Hygiene

Catherine Soft
Jack Wilson

Cross Contamination Safety

Andrew Orange

Waste Water Treatment

Water Treatment Machine

Catherine Soft
Jack Wilson

Hydroponic Cultivation

Our Product

Pangasius Fillet

Gourame Fillet

Tilapia Fillet

Gourame WGGS

Boneless Milkfish

Red Tilapia Butterfly

Milkfish Whole

Indian Mackerel Whole

Short Fin Scad Whole

Catfish Whole

Pomfret Whole

Tilapia Whole


Email : kmmfishery@kmmp.co.id

Tel : (+62) 821-1619-3185

Instagram : kmmpfishery

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